Understanding Your Apartment Move

Apartment Moving Tips


What You Should Know

  • A 1-2 bedroom apartment typically takes 3 – 4 hours to move from door to door
  • Stairs and elevators usually add an additional hour to your move
  • Parking should be close to avoid your movers from walking long distances

What You Should Do

  • Being prepared is key to a smooth move. When moving day comes you should be well packed and staged. Boxes should be taped completely shut to prevent any items from falling over in the moving truck. Stage boxes by the front door or in a common area for easy access.

Note: Movers like to start with boxes and square furniture to ensure neatly stacked walls to protect your belongings.


  • Inform your movers of stairs and elevator access. Reserve a time slot to use the freight elevator for your move. Common problems with elevator moves is not having the freight elevator locked which allows access to all tenants and slows movers way down costing you time and money, so be sure to get those elevators reserved.


  • Parking is important. If you live in an area where parking is scarce plan to move on a day or time you know most of your neighbors are out. A great practice is to park where your movers would have best access to your apartment so that you can easily just move when they arrive. We have found that most neighbors understand the woes of moving so just inform them of your moving day.

What You Should Note

  • Cost range for a move $300 – $500
  • Deposits are normal
  • Have drinking water available
  • Kids love to help but slow movers down
  • Cats are nosy and dogs want to play
  • Tipping movers $10 – $15 for 3 hours of service is appropriate


Thanks for reading I hope this proved helpful for your move on moving day! To Get A Quote or Request Moving Service simply click the link and be directed to our easy to use scheduling system hassle free!


Forward Motion Movers & CO.                                 303-416-5465                                     “Moving You Forward”


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