Saving Big On Your Big Move

Moving can be a costly process…

You have to spend time hunting down the best moving companies in the area, calling and getting cost estimates, and your typical moving company apply truck and fuel fees on top of state mandated travel charges. Once you find a company that fits your budget you have to go through the hassle of upfront cost like deposits and service fees, overall making the experience tedious and stressful.

Let me take the time to introduce you to HireAHelper where moving is simplified and more cost effective. The concept allows you to have complete control over every aspect of your move and save you money, headaches and friendships.

First, find your local dealer and rent a truck (What size truck do I need?) or mobile storage container (Help me with container options) …most moving companies hike up the cost to use their trucks and over charge for travel and refueling fees, which in reality is not helping anyone

After you have your truck all squared away, it’s time to hire your local loading and unloading help. HireAHelper provides you with quality professional helpers that offer straightforward hourly rates with no extra or hidden fees and the ability from one page to compare, book, and pay for your service.

Now you’re all moved without a finger lifted, all you have done is drive… no back aches from fighting with that heavy oversized couch, your friends don’t despise you for dragging them through the process and your wallet hardly feels lighter because you saved almost 50 percent on moving cost.


Full service moving is a bit overrated and usually reserved for the convenience of having someone pack, load, drive, and unload for you …shopping at the convenient store is always more expensive. If saving money is important to you check out HireAHelper to compare mover rates near you today!

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