PODS-Moving and Storage All In One!

Looking for an easy and affordable solution for moving and storage.

PODS Moving and Storage is a one stop shop for moving and storage local or long distance. Simply have your moving POD delivered to your home, business or warehouse and hire experienced moving helpers to load you up. When you are ready simply schedule the POD to be picked up and have it stored at PODS secure storage facility for safe and convenient storage. Only need storage for a short amount of time, you can leave your POD right there onsite for easy access.

What if I store my POD at the facility and need access?

No worries, simply give PODS a call and arrange a date. They will have it all set and ready for your arrival. When you are done in your POD notify the staff on site lock up your container and head home they will take care of the rest… easy right!

Why PODS over traditional moving and storage?


With traditional moving and storage situations you typically have to spend time finding a local storage facility that have units available in your recommended size category, hire a full service moving company to load your belongings and transport them to the storage location and unload. The process can be grueling and last all day and the cost can range from $900 to $1200 depending on the hired company.

With PODS the hassle of choosing the right storage is eliminated and PODS usually has a list of recommended professional moving helpers to load your storage container right in your driveway. The process of finding the best moving and storage is cut in half and cost range from $500 to $800 depending on the level of service.

Reasons to use PODS:

  • New home remodel or renovation (On-Site storage)
  • Moving and Storage while you transition
  • One stop solution to both move and store
  • No need to load and unload multiple times
  • Stress free moving experience

Choosing PODS is not only the best option for moving and storage it is the most cost effective. Not sure where to start or if PODS is a good solution for you. Hiring a Moving Coordinator can help ease your mind and consultations are free. Find a local moving helper provider in your area  or ask PODS for recommendations!

What to expect when you use PODS

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