Moving… Is There Another Way?


How many times have you went through the trouble of moving from place to place packing, loading and carrying all of your heavy belongings, taking up you and your friends entire Saturday to get it done just to avoid high cost moving expenses. What if I told you, you don’t have to break your back or bank to get moved and do it in half the time? All it takes is knowing your options for every moving, storage and relocation situation.

What are your options?

  • Do it yourself moving
  • Full service moving
  • Hybrid moving

Traditionally moving day is filled with grueling task: packing and lugging all of your belongings to your new house on your own or borrowing a few willing to help but frustrated friends. We call this the DIY move. DIY moves are the default solution for people that love to penny pinch and looking to save money on expensive truck fees, inflated hourly rates and movers who squeeze out every hour to feel like they have been well compensated for the day. All these things come with our dreaded second full service option.


Our third option is what we call the Hybrid move. Its DIY meets full service moving right in the middle. Moving has evolved and many more innovative ways of moving down the block or across the country have surfaced and made moving and storage less stressful and more cost effective. We call it the 50/50 model at Forward Motion. Instead of hiring a full service moving company that passes on the overhead cost of maintaining trucks, hire quality moving help to load and or unload your rented truck, mobile storage unit or trailer for long distance transport, and let your friends keep their Saturday to themselves, we promise they will love you for it.


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