A Big Wheel for Christmas

The 6 Roly Polys


Christmas of 1994, there was a family hard pressed to make Christmas happen as many were. Jack, a country man trying to make it big in the city, continuously pushed his family to keep moving and never stop working regardless of the circumstance. The “6 roly polys” is what he properly called them. A family that continues to show the persistence to keep going in the presence of adversity.


Thanks to organizations like SERTOMA (local chapter: http://www.gphsertoma.com/), Jack was able to pull things together and make Christmas happen for his family through sponsored toy drives across the city like at your local Boys & Girls Clubs or Toys for Tots. That memorable year, his youngest daughter wished for a brand new big wheel to help keep up with the bigger kids in the neighborhood. When Christmas came there was a brand new big wheel under the tree for her, but it was what dad did next that made him the hero of the day.

When she went to reveal her biggest wish come true, all of the kids were on brand new bikes and keeping up wasn’t going to be as easy as she expected. After Jack over heard a couple of the kids teasing his baby girl for being slow, he sprang into action challenging the young boys to a race around the block; them on their bikes against her slow big wheel. teenage-boys-riding-bikes-19118848

After noticing the look of sure defeat on his daughters face he kneeled in front of her and said “Winners never quit and quitters never win, and you’re a winner”! As they approached the starting line the two boys smirked as Jack positioned himself behind the big wheel to even the playing field telling her “you pedal, I’ll push”. “On your marks! Get set! Go!” Someone yelled and it was on. The other neighborhood kids stood in anticipation as the race rounded the final corner and to the surprise of everyone the big wheel was in the lead and with one final push the big wheel crossed the finish line first. Everyone celebrated and joined in to mock the young boys for losing to a girl on a big wheel.


That day, Jack was crowned hero but this tale of persistence and triumph began well before Christmas day. It began with your donations as a community. Your decision to donate to organizations like the Boys and Girls Club or the Blair Caldwell African American Research Library , helps dads like Jack make a way for Christmas each and every year for their families. Your new or used toys give a kid just a little ounce of hope when it seems like all odds are stacked against them. A big wheel played a huge roll in the days’ events and left an unforgettable impression on a young lady that she will carry with her for the rest of her life. Although, a simple teddy bear, gift card, or even a pair of socks can be just as impactful to a kid with little to nothing.

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