My reason for starting a business where I did in my life was because God said it was time, because he understood my vision because he gave it to me. I was in a not so healthy relationship and God pulled me out and unfortunately I had to rebuild myself back up. I began doing moving as a means to get by until I found something stable and God placed me in the right place at the right time. While I was moving a client in Boulder the home screenshot_20170127-071351_1 owner was taking note of my work ethic and how well I handled situations, he happen to be the vice president of a fortune 500 company. When the job was complete he slipped me his card and said come work for me so I did. It  turned out to be a great position @ $18.43 per hour 45 hours a week. I bought me a car, started apartment hunting and began the process to repair my credit through bankruptcy so I can be prepared for marriage…


While I was working here it had come up in family conversation numerous times to start up a moving company, needless to say I was pleased to see my close cousins had the same vision I had though we would finish our  beer and just go about the next days as normal but the conversation was good none the less. fb_img_1485524533973 During this time also I met my beautiful wife we seemed to be in the same place in life headed in the same direction and right on time for Gods vision.


After a year with the company they began going through a few changes in structure and people mainly higher level management started to be laid off, then the employees, and I was one of the unlucky chosen few to go (I guess it’s not always who you know). This comes 6 months after bringing a new kid into the world purchasing 2 brand new cars and settling into a new townhome with dog and new family. fb_img_1485524542478 The very core of our foundation was shook and I had to do something. My wife was on maternity leave with no pay attached, when it was time for her to return to work they told her she had to work to pay off her medical insurance that she received during leave so they were going to hold her first 3 to 4 checks. I couldn’t help but say “sorry baby but it’s time to leave this company and for us to focus on Gods vision”.


Forward Motion Movers was founded as an initiative to do just that “Move Forward”. I was raised on the principal of self-sufficiency but that idea was lost when I was pushed into foster care at the age of 12. There was no entrepreneurial push for me. It was always about go to college and get a job while that was very helpful it never seemed fulfilling enough for me but I did it anyway. I just knew there was a greater calling on my life. This was the opportunity for my wife and I to combine our powers to help our community build and most importantly guide our youth to feel more fulfilled through self-efficiency and to be an example to those watching, to create programs and trainings that aide in developing essential business skills, and to create jobs and opportunities for those like me to build a foundation for themselves and create a legacy.

Dub Café a student ran coffee shop inside Aurora Central High School teaching the young entrepreneurs the ins and outs of running their own business.



Owning a business should never be about the image. There has to be a deeper purpose and just like everything with a purpose there comes trials and there are definitely challenges to face. You are going to have plenty of learning opportunities and you will get it wrong it’s inevitable. The most important thing to do when facing these trials and when you fall looking up into the eyes of defeat is to get up brush your pants off, clean the dust off your sleeves, lace up those shoes, place one foot in front of the other and continue to “Move Forward”. It is Gods vision!




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