PODS-Moving and Storage All In One!

Looking for an easy and affordable solution for moving and storage.

PODS Moving and Storage is a one stop shop for moving and storage local or long distance. Simply have your moving POD delivered to your home, business or warehouse and hire experienced moving helpers to load you up. When you are ready simply schedule the POD to be picked up and have it stored at PODS secure storage facility for safe and convenient storage. Only need storage for a short amount of time, you can leave your POD right there onsite for easy access.

What if I store my POD at the facility and need access?

No worries, simply give PODS a call and arrange a date. They will have it all set and ready for your arrival. When you are done in your POD notify the staff on site lock up your container and head home they will take care of the rest… easy right!

Why PODS over traditional moving and storage?


With traditional moving and storage situations you typically have to spend time finding a local storage facility that have units available in your recommended size category, hire a full service moving company to load your belongings and transport them to the storage location and unload. The process can be grueling and last all day and the cost can range from $900 to $1200 depending on the hired company.

With PODS the hassle of choosing the right storage is eliminated and PODS usually has a list of recommended professional moving helpers to load your storage container right in your driveway. The process of finding the best moving and storage is cut in half and cost range from $500 to $800 depending on the level of service.

Reasons to use PODS:

  • New home remodel or renovation (On-Site storage)
  • Moving and Storage while you transition
  • One stop solution to both move and store
  • No need to load and unload multiple times
  • Stress free moving experience

Choosing PODS is not only the best option for moving and storage it is the most cost effective. Not sure where to start or if PODS is a good solution for you. Hiring a Moving Coordinator can help ease your mind and consultations are free. Find a local moving helper provider in your area  or ask PODS for recommendations!

What to expect when you use PODS

Saving Big On Your Big Move

Moving can be a costly process…

You have to spend time hunting down the best moving companies in the area, calling and getting cost estimates, and your typical moving company apply truck and fuel fees on top of state mandated travel charges. Once you find a company that fits your budget you have to go through the hassle of upfront cost like deposits and service fees, overall making the experience tedious and stressful.

Let me take the time to introduce you to HireAHelper where moving is simplified and more cost effective. The concept allows you to have complete control over every aspect of your move and save you money, headaches and friendships.

First, find your local dealer and rent a truck (What size truck do I need?) or mobile storage container (Help me with container options) …most moving companies hike up the cost to use their trucks and over charge for travel and refueling fees, which in reality is not helping anyone

After you have your truck all squared away, it’s time to hire your local loading and unloading help. HireAHelper provides you with quality professional helpers that offer straightforward hourly rates with no extra or hidden fees and the ability from one page to compare, book, and pay for your service.

Now you’re all moved without a finger lifted, all you have done is drive… no back aches from fighting with that heavy oversized couch, your friends don’t despise you for dragging them through the process and your wallet hardly feels lighter because you saved almost 50 percent on moving cost.


Full service moving is a bit overrated and usually reserved for the convenience of having someone pack, load, drive, and unload for you …shopping at the convenient store is always more expensive. If saving money is important to you check out HireAHelper to compare mover rates near you today!

Moving Helpers

Our crews come with reliable transportation to and from each job, 12 moving pads, a furniture dolly (4 wheeler) and hand truck, 1 roll of shrink wrap, 1 tool box with the necessary tools to break down and rebuild beds (any type) disconnect washers and dryers, remove any door if necessary for larger items and secure load (rope, straps and/or bungees).

2 man $85 per hour

3 man $120 per hour

4 man $155 per hour

 If interested in our service give us a call @ 303-416-546.

We also recommend getting free in-home estimates before hiring any movers to compare the cost of moving!



Looking for good hands to help you load or unload your household items safe and secure for transportation… we are known to please!
With 2 hour minimums:
Our crews come with reliable transportation to and from each job, 12 moving pads a furniture dolly (4 wheeler) and hand truck 1 roll of shrink wrap 1 tool box with the necessary tools to break down and rebuild beds (any type) disconnect washers and dryers, remove any door if necessary for larger items and secure load (rope, straps and/or bungees).
2 man $85 per hour
3 man $120 per hour
4 man $155 per hour
If interested in our service give us a call @ 303-416-546. We also recommend getting free in-home estimates before hiring any movers to compare the cost of moving!
We provide free in home consultations (no obligation), the purpose is to provide education to help you make an informed decision. Moving is a stressful process with many steps and I am glad to help walk you through it. Welcome

We are “Moving Denver Forward”

We are Forward Motion Movers located in the heart of Denver. We would love to help with your move on moving day. We offer package moving deals and we guarantee to finish within the quoted time.
Our package for 1-2 Bedroom apts includes:
  • Truck (gas and miles included)
  • Moving blankets/pads
  • Utility and furniture dollies
  • Tools for assembly
  • 2 man crew
  • 3-4 Hours of friendly moving service
  • Liability Insurance for your belongs

All for $395.00! Best deal for the Best crew in town!

Things that could make your move go longer are : Stairs, elevators, long pathways and lack of organization.

We would love to gain more information about your move and answer any questions you may have. Please give us a call @ 303-416-5465 to schedule your move! Thanks and we look “Forward” to working with you!

Think Inside the Box

Moving Boxes (Pack like the Pros)

#Movingboxes come in a variety of sizes and you’ll need a variety of sizes to pack all of your belongings. Make sure you select the right box for the right items.

Small moving boxes for packing:

  • Books
  • Tapes
  • Videos
  • Tools
  • Small appliances
  • Small kitchen items    

Medium moving boxes are used for packing:

  • Smaller stereo equipment
  • Kitchen items
  • Linens
  • Toys

Large or Extra large moving boxes are used for packing linens and other over-sized items.

Kitchen boxes or dish packs have double walled protection and are designed to protect and cushion fragile items. Note the difference in the thickness between the dish pack and a regular box.

This box is used for dishes such as:

  • Plates
  • Glass
  • Fine China and any other items which need to be protected.

Commonly misused boxes are:
Wardrobe boxes

Mirror boxes, file boxes and lamp boxes. Wardrobe boxes are used to protect hanging clothes, mirror boxes used to pack framed pictures, glass tops, and mirrors.

The lamp box is tall enough to protect your valuable lamps.

The file box is very handy for packing office files, very easy to load and ready for moving. We supply a wide variety of moving boxes make sure you select the right box for the articles you’re packing.

Hiring the Right Team

Hiring the Right Team

Do you need to get an Estimate?

You would not put a new roof on your home without comparing estimates, you should apply the same concept in moving, where estimates are just as important.

You want to make sure your estimator does a thorough walk through of your home to determine the bulk of your move. When you are walking through with the estimator ensure you point out all storage spaces, cupboards, garages and or crawl spaces and that inventory of all your belongings are noted.


Things an Estimator will answer when determining your price?

  • How many man will it take to move your belongings?
  • Best Transportation options to complete your move?
  • Will there be any Assembly or Dis-assembly of any furniture?
  • Are there any stairs elevators or long walk ways
  • Are there any specialty items involved in your move…? (Pianos, pool tables, safes etc…)

A reputable moving company will take inventory of all your belongings. An estimator who performs a quick walk-through without noting what you plan to move is going to be off the mark. A good estimator will ask questions about what you plan to take from your current house to your next home, be prepared to tell the estimator which items you don’t want on the truck—the items you plan to give away, donate to a charity, sell in a yard sale, or leave behind for the new owners.

Should you pay a deposit before your move?

Some moving companies will ask for a deposit before moving. Moving companies that require deposits usually do so to avoid customer cancellations, in which companies like to assess a penalty and ensure they are the company you go with. Deposits are typically associated with booking/administration fees and are normally built into the price which are usually non-refundable. If you decide to pay a deposit to your movers it should not exceed a small portion of your estimated cost. and should never be an extra cost

When you do pay make sure you use a credit card or a traceable form of payment to protect you from fraudulent activity. The final cost of the move should be calculated and payed for only at the conclusion of your move never prepay for a move.

Does your selected movers have references? Continue reading “Hiring the Right Team”